Removal Companies – What Can You Expect From Them on a Moving Day in Manchester

You’ll quickly realize that removal businesses come in all sizes and shapes.

The type of mover you choose will affect the level of service that you receive. You can be sure that larger movers with branches all over the world or international operations will have more consistent service policies than smaller independent businesses. They may also charge more, but you can expect a minimum level of service.

Here is a general guideline for what you can expect from most professional removal companies. If your moving company is an independent supplier with no standards for its workers, the following may not apply to you.


Many well-run removal businesses insist that their movers wear uniforms. It makes their business look more professional and ensures their movers are well-dressed.

Although removal companies that don’t have uniforms may offer remarkable services, homeowners might be dissatisfied by those who wear dirty clothes or T-shirts with offensive or vulgar logos or slogans.


Expert removal companies will make sure that their movers arrive on the job site according to schedule. Many moving companies are paid per hour so if the movers arrive late the customer can file a complaint as they have strayed from their agreement.

If your removal company is more than 5 minutes late, call us to find out what happened. If they arrive late and need to work longer than anticipated, you won’t have to pay an additional fee.


All movers must deal with clients professionally and with great politeness. You are paying for the service and your removal company must treat you with respect. If they don’t, you have the right to lodge a complaint. You can also leave a negative review and rating on any of the numerous online removals business forums.

A bad review is not something that any removals company would like, so it is in their best interest to provide superior service.


Your removal company must be familiar with how to move large items such as furniture. They have been trained to move, pack and transport large items safely. You must ensure that your pets and children are not present during the relocation to make sure they don’t get in the way.

You can trust that the removals company you choose for your move will be professional, respectful, and provide the best possible moving service.

If you are the one responsible for packing, clearing out your fridge and packing valuables (unless these services are included in your moving contract), as well as keeping children and pets away. For those times when they feel thirsty, you can keep plenty of water or soft drinks nearby.

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